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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective ways to manage different mental illnesses. It is not a medicine or anything in a physical form but a set of techniques in order to avert negative thinking behavior. It helps patients with mental illnesses challenge their negative thinking patterns and replace them with more positive thoughts in order to feel better. Negative thoughts result in low mood, self worthlessness, self pity and in extreme cases can cause depression. CBT helps make a patient feel more positive towards different situations bothering him and keeping his emotional state of mind balanced.

Is CBT only for Mentally Ill?

It is a wrong notion that CBT is only for mentally ill patients who have very poor coping skills. It can help anyone who is having difficulty coping with different kinds of situations. It helps make one avert low mood or hurtful feelings by just changing negative thinking patterns. Students in college can utilize the benefits of CBT by learning to cope with pressure situations that are common among them. It can help them feel better that can result in improved overall academic performance. CBT can also help employees cope with different pressure situations in a better and effective way. It can help them avert stress and improve their performance.

How CBT Works?

There is a common tendency among mentally ill patients to have В negative thoughts when faced with a particular situation. This particular behavior is there for a very long time and it can be very challenging to avoid but CBT can help improve the condition. A mentally ill patient has a tendency to think negatively about the society and the common people they live with in general.

They always feel that others are always judging their behavior. For instance, if a group of people is laughing at something and the mentally patient is there as an observer the first thing he will think is that the group of people is laughing at him. In reality the group may be engaged in a common conversation without any intention to hurt the mentally ill patient. But his automatic response will be low mood and self pity because of his automatic negative thought. He will think that he is worthless and everyone makes fun of him.

The role of cognitive behavioral therapy is to change the way a mentally ill person thinks. In this situation discussed above CBT can help the patient challenge his thought that the group of people is making fun of him into something more positive such as the group of people are friends and they are engaged in a common conversation having nothing to do with the person. He can further challenge his thought by thinking in a more rational way. He can think that they are strangers and why would they laugh at him without any reason.

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